Mas que copas gran via

Mas que copas gran via

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If anyone is left hungry, on the ninth floor of the hotel there are two more gastronomic spaces with very different concepts: an Italian restaurant where you can try their pizzas made in a stone oven on one of its two terraces -one overlooks Gran Vía and the other Salud street-; and the Sport Bar, a more casual cuisine, overlooking Chinchilla street, and whose dishes share a little of the essence of what you can try on the rooftop.

Other triumphant dishes are the langoustine croquettes, the smoked sardine foccacia with San Simón cheese and tomato jam or the nachos with zorza and padrón bell pepper cream. «The next thing we want to do is to start strong with brunch,» Antón announces, but that will be in September.

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This terrace is located on the tenth floor of Gran Vía 42 and is said to be a real unexpected oasis in the center of the city. Its concept is twofold because it is a restaurant but also a rooftop terrace, where you can study the skyline of Madrid with views of the Royal Palace and the Four Towers. C/ Gran Vía, 42.

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I told him that we wanted 3 coffees and he asked me if we were going for drinks. My obvious answer was no and his response was: «You better not come here». I found it curious that other people were having coffee on the terrace.

I was very happy to see that after we had our coffee somewhere else, when we passed by again they had people having drinks but the people who had been having coffee, were still having the same coffee.

miriinkl172 reviewsOpinion written on April 1, 2016 via mobile device Low cost drinkGreat to drink at a good price. Recommended when it is not very crowded, from 10 it gets crowded. They offer beers of various brands at about 3 €, glasses of wine at 1 € and glasses at 4 €.

Mas que copas gran via 2021

Terrace-drinking is an ingrained custom in our way of life, and we practice it with fervor and devotion. Any place with shade and cool drinks is fine for us, but when it comes to having a drink, it’s better to do it on the best terraces in Madrid.

The spectacular rooftop terrace of the NH Collection Madrid Casa Suecia hotel celebrates the good weather in style. With a summery decor and stunning views, this terrace in the heart of the city always has a fresh gastronomic offer that makes us long teeth.

A vertigo terrace with a glass corridor that triggers adrenaline because it is located 28 floors high, which is equivalent to a total of 117 meters. These panoramic views of Madrid are unparalleled: they are a spectacle in themselves. In addition, you can always visit it with this Fever plan through which you have access to a reserved room.

In the heart of Barrio de Salamanca we find this place that has become a must on the gastro route through the capital. Its brunch is one of the most requested every weekend. You can’t wait to try it, can you?

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