Temario oposiciones lengua y literatura pdf

Temario oposiciones lengua y literatura pdf

Secondary school examinations 2021

In order to successfully pass the secondary education competitive examinations it is essential to pass the competition-opposition in which the syllabus plays an essential role. In the following article we show you the updated syllabus for the Spanish Language and Literature competitive examinations.

The Language and Literature competitive examinations consist of two tests. In the first one, the applicant must demonstrate his/her specific knowledge of the teaching specialty and, in the second one, he/she must present the didactic programming. This is explained in detail below.

The purpose of this test is to verify the applicant’s pedagogical aptitude and his/her mastery of the techniques necessary for teaching, and will consist of the presentation of a didactic program and the preparation and oral presentation of a didactic unit:

The overall score of the competitive examination will result from the weighting of the scores of the competitive examination and competitive examination phases, being 60% for the competitive examination phase and 40% for the competitive examination phase.

Temario oposiciones oposiciones secundaria inglés

6 26.5 The written discourse 27 The text 27.1 The science of text 27.2 The text as a communicative unit Its adequacy to the parameters of the communicative situation. Textual structures 27.4 The context from pragmatics 27.5 Coherence and cohesion 28 Textual cohesion 28.1 Lexical and grammatical procedures 28.2 Discourse markers. Identification, ordering, features and classification 28.3 Argumentative connectors 28.4 Metadiscursive connectors 28.5 Pragmatic operators 29 Functional competence (l) 29.1 The narrative genre 29.2 Narrative discourse and its scope of use 29.3 Structure, characteristics and functions of narrative 29.4 Communicative strategies for understanding written and oral narrative texts 29.

Themes for secondary school competitive examinations

When characterizing the human being, the faculty of language is assigned to him. The word faculty refers to brain function in a neurophysiological sense and to capacity in a psychological sense…

From a communicative perspective, language is seen as a web of cultural codes whose meaning is constructed from the use that the interlocutors make of it in their acts of daily interaction…

Introduction of the kinetic code as a differentiating element with radio. The television screen becomes a sort of continuous stage that even admits spectators on stage, as in the debates…

Before Saussure there had already appeared formulated ideas with respect to the differences between phonetics and phonology that he does not pick up. Saussure had called Phonology to the synchronic phonetic study and reserved the term Phonetics…

The set of words in a language is neither fixed nor stable. The evolution of society and the transformations of reality create lexical needs for the satisfaction of which the language has the resources…

Secondary school teacher examinations

If you have the degree and the necessary experience to become a Language and Literature teacher, the best option to find the ideal job is to participate in the State examinations.

Below we will briefly explain the exams you will have to take and we will provide you with the title of each one of the subjects you have to prepare. In addition, we give you the possibility to download the complete syllabus for free. Do not miss this opportunity and start your preparation to pass the next exams right now.

The syllabus of oppositions for this category is made up of 72 topics that cover all the branches of knowledge of the study of language and literature. Each of these topics have been selected with the idea of finding the best candidates to fill the available positions. Below you will find the titles that you should prepare in depth before taking the competitive examination.

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