Mario benedetti poemas de amor para enamorar

Mario benedetti poemas de amor para enamorar

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to say «I love you» is not always easy, but with some love poems by Mario Benedetti you will be able to express that beautiful feeling in a different way and that will reach the heart of those special people.

The above short Mario Benedetti poem is one of the most remembered of this author and his words are testimony of why he is so appreciated among the lovers of poetry.Corazón corazaBecause I have you and not and not.Another of Mario Benedetti’s poems of love is the poem «The love poem of Mario Benedetti».

Another of Mario Benedetti’s short poems that most touches the heart is the above, which with simple words becomes an ode to romanticism and love,

A few words that say a lot, Mario Benedetti’s short love poems will surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or person you want to conquer, to be together forever.Read also: 14 Famous love poems by famous authorsMore phrases of writers you should knowIf you liked these phrases of Mario Benedetti you can also enjoy and share quotes from other authors such as Pablo Neruda, Stanley Kubrick and Nelson Mandela. Do you like the work of Mario Benedetti?

Love poems

Being in a relationship implies falling in love every day, being in the present and loving with the heart, that when you sleep together or wake up in the same bed, you say «I am with my soul mate», «I am with the love of my life». We share with you some love poems to conquer the heart of your partner, but above all to make him/her see that you love him/her with poems of recognized poets of the world.

In fact, couples should never lose the sense of romanticism, it requires patience, respect, but above all tenderness to see clearly all the beautiful things that life offers when you live as a couple. Here are some love poems by Mario Benedetti. Jaime Sabines and Pablo Neruda.

I can write the saddest verses tonight.write, for example: «The night is starry, and shiver, blue, the stars, in the distance. «The night wind turns in the sky and sings.I can write the saddest verses tonight.I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.on nights like this I held her in my arms.

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The deepest sensations, those that remain forever in the private corners of our being, are not those that are triggered by the simple contact of the skin. Whoever makes us feel the most sublime emotions and sensations with his mere presence, with his skillful words and glances, is a magician. Someone with enough magic and relevance to deserve our heart.2. Love and its privileged place in our memory.

There are bits and pieces of our life that remain forever fused in our memory. They are made of a magnificent alloy, of that material where the most significant memories are inscribed, such as those built from love, those built sometimes by a desire that could have been something but that, for whatever reason, did not prosper, because whether we like it or not, there are relationships that gave us moments of brief but intense happiness, fleeting moments that have remained for life in the depths of our being, like essences of a perfume to uncover from time to time.3. Every moment is precious and unrepeatable

Mario benedetti frases de amor a distancia

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In love, as in war, it is urgent to use tactics and strategy. At the beginning of all love, the gaze rises prudently, seducing and inviting the encounter to admire the bodies and auscultating the interiors.

In this way I learned to love her as she is, and not as I would have wanted her to be, according to some vague ideal. Because in order to love one must learn to look, to concentrate with attention and delight on that person who, Stendhal would say, is for us a model of beauty, a promise of happiness. Distracted and elusive glances are useless. Beauty resides in the gaze.

Tactics and strategy crystallized love. My whole world was enchanted: those germinal instants of thousands of vitalistic and enthusiastic impulses engendered something we call us. We began to inhabit the shared paradise of attainable illusions and infinite beauty.

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