Frases para personas buenas corazon

Frases para personas buenas corazon

Phrases for photos of me

«Above all else is affectionate kindness. Just as the light of the moon shines sixty times brighter than the light of the stars, so affectionate kindness frees the heart sixty times more effectively than all other religious attainments put together.»

You might be interested in…Read it in The Mind is WonderfulCompassion opens the heart and makes us happierWhen we care about someone in need, we are enlarging the heart and offering true compassion in order to alleviate their suffering….

Words of good wishes and success

♡ Everything you give comes back to you multiplied. Maybe you don’t receive it in the same way you gave it. Maybe it will come back in miracles, in people, in joys, in smiles…. But it will always look for a way to return to you.

♡ It is possible to be happy and be sad. Happiness is an attitude towards life and sadness is a state of mind. You can be sad about losing a loved one and at the same time, still be happy about the relationship you had with them.

«Be gentle. Don’t let the world harden you. Don’t let grief make you hate. Don’t let bitterness rob you of sweetness. Be proud, because, even if the rest of the world disagrees, you still think it’s a beautiful place.» Kurt Vonnegut

Phrases of pain and sadness

Here I share with you some images with short phrases that are very popular among users and here are some that will surely help you because they have a short and direct message.

These phrases will help you think and reflect on your current situation, your capabilities and your environment. Keep in mind that everything is possible as long as you are willing to learn and make an effort, I encourage you to give everything of yourself.

Use these phrases to create photos that express your thoughts, to generate an impact on the people you have in your social networks. And surprise your loved ones with short texts that inspire them to improve.

Phrases of the soul

There are many ways to break someone’s heart: being unfaithful, not reciprocating, giving pumpkins, leaving them jilted at the altar, not knowing how to value what they do for you, etc. In the same way, there are a thousand ways to express this feeling: with images, phrases of reflection and messages to that person who has hurt you so much.In this article I reveal the best phrases of broken heart for a love that has not been able to get to have a story with a happy ending.Surely you identify with many of these quotes and even your stomach churns. However, at the end, we will leave you with some tips that will help you to overcome all the pain that someone has caused you: it’s time to stop crying for someone who is not worth it! Let’s start with these beautiful and short phrases.

There are many other phrases of impossible love that can help you overcome this painful situation. It is advisable that you reflect on what has happened but do not stay anchored in the negative. You can get out of everything in life, never forget it.

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