Frases en asturiano de amor

Frases en asturiano de amor

Words in asturian

In Asturias there are many, many villages. And many townspeople. People of all kinds and conditions… just like in the city. That’s why there is nothing less liked in Asturias in general than to confuse being from the village with being a redneck. There are very educated people from the village!

Outsiders are often amused by Asturian expressions. «Fai un cutu qu’escarabaya’l pelleyu», «con los mejores prados y las mejores vacas, Central Lechera Asturiana» and the typical «¿Yes de pueblu? ¿Tienes perru? ¿Tien cadena?» are some of them, but the truth is that they are either out of use or out of fashion. Let’s face it, they get tiresome…

Another of the resentments of those who are always there. Better not to ask why the Asturian capital is Oviedo when Gijón has more inhabitants. Because the reasons may be historical-political, that’s all, but the debate can generate controversy that is best avoided.

Phrases in asturian language

Hello friends. The lack of time, does not allow me to continue attending this blog as it would be my desire. Thanks for your comments and emails. From time to time it is possible that I will add an entry, but meanwhile I want to ask you a favor, you will understand it in this link (click). A hug (Lobo Astur) Until Truly, man is the king of the animals, because his brutality surpasses theirs (Leonardo Da Vinci).

Bable. Así se habla en AsturiasThanks to my good friend Paco Barreda, I have known this online translator of eslema, to Asturian speech. I have tried it and I can only say that it is very good (congratulations to its creators).

However, I leave you some translations of the most common phrases in everyday life, among the people of this wonderful land called Principáu d’Asturies (Principality of Asturias). A cencielles… Asturies ye distintu.      (Simply… Asturias is different).

lobo astur,one thing is your opinion and ideology and another very different is the reality of Asturianu.anyone who digs a little will realize that behind this ancient language there are a lot of philologists, anthropologists and historians of all kinds and idiology that verify the status of this as a language,even its appearance is dated a century before the Castilian. You say that there are invented words…but I would say to you, do you know all the Castilian dictionary? do not you…because that does not mean that the terms that are unknown to you are invented…without further ado, greetings LOBO ¡


Candamo or Cernunos: Asturian god of hunting, vegetation, animals, frontier places and forests. This god evolved in Asturian mythology adopting the name BUSGOSU or guardian of the forest. Council of Central Asturias.

Forges: Workshops that manufactured and still manufacture (e.g. in Mazonovo in Santa Eulalia de Oscos, knives in Taramundi) metal objects, using hydraulic devices. In the area of the Oscos (Biosphere Reserve), there are numerous villages that bear names related to the forges.Ferriasacu:

Mazcaraos (Los): In Porenu/o (Villaviciosa), thanks to the drive of the neighborhood association «La Capilla», the traditions of the old Antroxu of the village have been recovered where there is no lack of «los Mazcaraos» wearing straw hats decorated with silk paper ribbons from

Payariega: Native or neighbor of the parish of Payares (Lena).    Certain genre of Asturian musical composition, sung or only played. Name given in Carda (Villaviciosa) to a pilgrim hostel opened in March 2017 less than 2,000 meters from Villaviciosa.

How asturians talk

Sometimes saying «ni fu ni fa» does not perfectly define what you want to express. Asturians discover with horror when they go to live or work outside the borders of the Principality that their mythical «No me da más» is not used beyond the Huerna. We should export it.

When you are more than wet because you have possibly been under an incessant rain for more than two hours, you need an expression that goes beyond «I’m wet». We need to export this expression before next winter.

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