Canciones para empezar el dia en español

Canciones para empezar el dia en español

Music to start the day in a good mood

This difficulty is completely justified, since medical studies our brain is not at full capacity until 30 to 45 minutes after waking up, at which time our frequencies begin to synchronize and we feel stronger.

Don’t forget the neck, lower back, legs, shoulder and chest. This helps us to prevent possible muscle pain or contractures throughout the day. Each exercise can be done between 5 and 10 times depending on the time we have and how we feel. If the schedules allow us something that feels great is to go for a walk for 20 or 30 minutes.

Music to start the day with positive energy

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Music for happy children

In 1995, Britpop was not only giving great headlines of the ‘New Musical Express’, but also songs of the level of ‘Wake up Boo!’, the best wake-up song ever. The Boo Radleys, known more as psychedelic and dense, scored an unabashedly sunny jangle-pop hit, a sonic reflection of optimism about Blair’s New Labour. Apparently, even Stevie Wonder was whistling it around.

ELO mastermind Jeff Lynne had been enduring dark and foggy weather in Switzerland for two weeks when, at last, it was light one day. From there came the closing of the suite ‘Concerto for a rainy day’, an epic pop anthem that over time has become synonymous with sunshine. No wonder it was part of the soundtrack of ‘Forget about me!’, whose original title actually translates as ‘The eternal sunshine of the immaculate mind’.

Can you imagine a group where someone could yell at their ex to go away&mldr with the ex herself by their side? That impossible (and impossibly good) group was Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey Buckingham composed ‘Go your own way’ to, in principle, try to have a conversation with Stevie Nicks about her broken love. From the tone of the lyrics, however, the song is more monologue than dialogue. Buckingham was fired from the group in late 2018.

Music to bounce to

A playlist to give energy to the sleepyhead and a smile to the less willing! If you need to get on the road early and the morning coffee is not enough to rediscover the pleasure of driving, try our musical selection and we promise to wake you up faster than with a double cup of coffee. Press play!

There is silence and suddenly the notes of «that» song start to play. What is it called? Where have I heard this song before? Be that as it may, before you discover it your feet are moving and.

It’s inevitable. We associate summer with sun, beach, vacations and yes, also, with certain songs. Or rather, there are some songs that inexorably remind us of the summer period. You listen to them and, wham, you feel like you’re in the summer.

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