Embrague bimasa peugeot 407

Embrague bimasa peugeot 407

How to know if the clutch is worn out

The engine flywheel is an element that allows the vehicle to store kinetic energy, offers greater inertia and transmits it to the wheels; therefore, it is also called flywheel. This inertia is a consequence of the explosions of the engine, which allow the rotation to be continuous and the car does not run producing jerks.

This, together with the bearings, allows the vibrations of the engine not to be perceived in the gearbox and in the rest of the car. It also collects vibrations at two points, which reduces noise and vibration more effectively.

On the other hand, a discharged or damaged battery can affect the dual-mass flywheel, causing the engine to slow down and not generate enough power, which will increase engine slack.

One of the symptoms to know that the dual mass flywheel is not in good condition are the engine noises with the car started and stopped in neutral when depressing the clutch or stopping the engine. If there are metallic sounds, the clutch or disc may not be working properly. If it is kept at idle speed, you may also hear metallic sounds coming from the engine.

Why does it make noise when i release the clutch

Detecting a fault in the dual mass flywheel is not difficult if you know what it is used for and how it works. This part is also called bimass clutch and it is an element that absorbs the vibrations of the engine. In that way it protects the rest of the components and allows the car to run smoothly and comfortably. Once we have this clear, it is easy to assume that when the dual mass clutch stops working properly, the symptoms we will notice will be excessive vibrations and rattles.

In order for you to know if the dual mass flywheel is failing, we are going to describe a series of symptoms that can clear your doubts when making your own diagnosis. More importantly, we are also going to tell you which symptoms may mislead you and make you make a mistake.

A symptom of a faulty dual mass flywheel is a noise when the clutch is depressed with the engine running in neutral and the car stationary. A noise like a metallic «ratchet» would indicate a fault in the dual mass flywheel or hopefully only in other clutch elements (clutch collar, etc.).

Why my car shakes when it is braked

The dual mass flywheel is a mechanical element present in many modern cars whose existence is not known until it breaks down. When this happens, it usually generates an unexpected and high expense for vehicle owners.

Every car must have a flywheel because the operation of the engine itself generates vibrations, caused by the different speeds at which its pistons move. The flywheel basically makes the rotation of the engine regular and balanced. The dual mass flywheels are composed of two metal plates instead of one and joined by a series of bearings and springs, damping more effectively the vibrations generated.

Another alternative for this type of breakdown is the repair or reconditioning of the dual mass flywheel part, although a large part of the repair budget is dedicated to labor and the savings on the part will be quite anecdotal.

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